I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jordan Gilder and I work in the IT Department at Weil, Gotshal and Manges LLP. I was the person who implemented the T-Metrics PC Consoles for our company as we cutover to the Cisco VOIP Platform. I am writing to you to give you feedback on the installation of the T-Metrics PhoneGroups PC Console which took place over this past weekend. First of all I would like to say that everyone over at T-Metrics has been such a pleasure to deal with. Danielle our Sales contact has been beyond great. She is easy to get a hold of and is always willing to help with all of our Sales needs as well as any other technical issue as well. She is always eager to assist us in getting our questions to the right person. It has been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to working with her as we expand our system in the future.

Next I would like to talk about Harold Harkey who was our Project Manager on the T-Metrics side. Harold was extremely helpful as well. His knowledge of the product, people and his organizational skills really made this project go smoothly. I am glad we had him assigned to our account and again look forward to working with him in the future.

The two T-Metrics technicians that came onsite – Dan Weeden and Patrick Savago were exceptional as well. Dan was with us for most of the week and was able to lay the groundwork and get the system configured and ready for our Friday night cutover. He was excellent to work with and we would be happy to work with him in the future. At this point I must point out that Patrick Savago who was with us from Friday through Tuesday really went above and beyond and exceeded all of our expectations. If Dan was great, Patrick was phenomenal! Patrick was with us up until the cutover and was there with us as the first calls came into Reception post cutover. He was constantly talking back and forth with support staff at T-Metrics and fixing, patching and updating the software as it was needed. I credit Patrick mainly for the project going so well. While everyone else did a great job, Patrick went above and beyond. I can say that any future implementations we do, we will be requesting Patrick specifically.

Lastly, I have to say that the support team back at your home office have been wonderful to work with as well. While I don’t know all the people involved and all of their names, a few names come to mind like Ryan and Keith. I am sure there are many others as well so I would like to make a blanket statement thanking all of them as well.

Finally, I would like to thank you for helping us in getting this project done in such a short time frame. We took a 30 day implementation and did it in a week and were successful at it as well. This says a lot about the team you have in place and their dedication. I would also like to extend our sincere appreciation and thanks for all that your company has done for us. Additionally, I mentioned this to Danielle and would like to mention it to you as well – Please feel free to use my name and number as a reference for future sales of your product. If you have a potential client that is looking to buy your software and would just like a reference to talk to and feel comfortable about the company and implementation, send them my way. I would be happy to speak to them and tell them about our wonderful success story with your company.

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Jordan Gilder, Weil Gotshal and Manges

During the early 1990’s the University of Nebraska Lincoln invested in a PC based ACD system that allowed us to cost effectively offer ACD services to departments on campus. These systems served us well over the years even though they had limitations. Like everything else though, these systems eventually reached their end of life and we were forced to look for replacements. We first tried to work with a central office solution (we are a Centrex customer), but eventually decided that it was to cost prohibitive for most of our departments.

In 2002, UNL purchased a new Centrex operator console system from a company called T-Metrics. Since that time we have been very impressed with the service and support that T-Metrics has given us. So, when we started looking for a new ACD system, we were delighted to find out that T-Metrics had a solution with the features and functionality that we were looking for. In addition, the seamless integration with the Nortel DMS 100 Centrex Switch and a low startup cost made the purchase of a TM-2000 IP ACD system a straightforward decision.

Since the installation in March 2006, we have discovered that the TM-2000 IP ACD system is an extremely versatile system. It is a great solution for both large and small call centers. At UNL, our call centers are typically small, (only 3 to 8 ACD agents) so a system that was cost effective for the small call center was a major consideration for us. Furthermore, the TM-2000’s ability to host multiple call centers simultaneously makes it very easy for multiple groups to share the expense of the system and to be able to benefit from its advanced features.

From the user’s perspective, the managers of our call centers love the ease of which they now have access to the systems call statistics and real time agent statuses. Also, because of the industry standards T-Metrics engineers have adhered to, when the need arose, it was very simple for us to integrate a 3rd party LED signboard with the system. For call centers that have security concerns or simply want to record call events, the T-Metrics TM-2000 system has been able to record all of the calls that come to those specific ACD groups.

Due to the success that we have seen so far from the TM-2000 on our main campus, we wanted to be able to offer it as a service for some of our offices scattered around the State. A group of these offices are utilizing IP enabled Nortel CS 1000 PBXs that are inter connected with SIP trunks back to Lincoln and tied into our Local CO’s Centrex Switch. With the addition of an IP RASM to our TM-2000 we are now able to Monitor Agent Status on these PBXs via IP across our data network and transfer calls to them over our existing voice connections. Not only has this given us the opportunity to provide the features of the TM-2000 to a larger base of our users, it has also opened up the possibility of agents from across the entire state sharing the call load of some of our call centers.

From our perspective, the best aspect of this system is its flexibility. For example, in our diverse environment we frequently have call centers that are front ended by automated attendants or elaborate recordings. In some situations, the managers prefer that the first thing a caller should hear is the voice of a person who can help them. In some situations we even have Call Centers that have agents that are serviced off of multiple switches. There hasn’t been a situation yet that we haven’t been able to address with the system or that T-Metrics hasn’t been interested in helping us find a solution for. Flexibility and versatility comes without compromise in the TM-2000.

As of the writing of this article the University of Nebraska Lincoln has 17 Call Centers averaging approximately 650 calls a day using a single T-Metrics TM-2000 IP ACD Server.

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Mike Hansen, University of Nebraska

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how successful the implementation of the new T-Metrics ACD system has been. The installation team according to our group was the “best they have ever seen”. I wish to thank Keith Pohl, Ryan Ross and Andy Wilson who did a wonderful job of assisting both our technicians and our users to understand all of the options available to us while showing remarkable patience through the entire process with our users. They were willing to work any hours requested to ensure that the implementation was a success. You are very fortunate to have people on your staff as competent and supportive as them. Please pass along our thanks to all who supported us with this implementation. Now the even better news, this system has been so well received that it is my opinion that we will need to begin looking at an upgrade from 24 to 48 ports. If you would be kind enough to put a proposal together and help me understand what is needed to upgrade our current system for a truly enterprise implementation it will help me start the process of budgeting for the upgrade. Please let me know what is needed for you to get us this information. I know I speak for all of my staff in thanking you and your staff for a wonderful experience. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.

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Tom McCotter, Director of Telecommunications, UNC Healthcare

We are extremely satisfied with the T-Metrics products purchased for Eglin AFB, Florida. We use the Meridian Services Attendant Console (MSAC), Hearts-Apart & Morale Call Server and the TM-2000 Multi-Purpose ACD Platform for our base hospital (purchased under the USAF Surgeon General's Hospital Telephone Modification (TELMOD) Project)

John McCain, Manager, Voice Network Systems

I would like to thank T-Metrics for the superior support provided during the recent installation of the TM 2000. As the Senior Market Manager for San Antonio, I am responsible for optimizing healthcare delivery for 230,000 patients through two Level I Trauma Centers and 150 clinics at seven locations.

The primary tool to provide our beneficiaries access to these services is our call center, known as the San Antonio Consult and Appointment Management Office (CAMO). This call center serves as the portal for access to primary and specialty care services for our patients. The CAMO schedules approximately 32,000 primary and specialty care appointments per month, manages approximately 14,000 specialty referrals per month, and coordinates 3,000 network referrals per month. With the breadth and depth of these operations, it is imperative to have a dependable, “user friendly” system. As such, any system changes must be transparent to our patients.

Since its inception, the CAMO resided in Brooke Army Medical Center, on Ft Sam Houston. Recently our market was given a most sacred honor; an increased role in the care delivery of America’s son and daughters returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is an awesome responsibility which we accomplish with pride. This change in scope necessitated the move of the CAMO to a new location in order to create space for a “Warriors in Transition Center.” This ultimately drove the procurement of a new telephonic infrastructure.

The reputation of T-Metrics was well served by the personnel involved in this project. The staff from T-Metrics seamlessly integrated into our team. Keith Laws was instrumental in codifying system requirements and the development of project milestones. Chris Barlow, Ryan Ross, and Patrick Savago not only delivered a quality product, but they also provided expert consultation throughout the installation.

The professionalism and dedication of Keith, Chris, Ryan and Patrick ensured installation was completed on time and seamless to our patients. I would like to personally thank you and your team for an outstanding job!

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THOMAS W. TRAVIS, Major General USAF MC CFS, Senior Market Manager

About 2 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be a part of a very large project to upgrade a telephone system and their operator's PC Consoles. The decision was made to go with T-Metrics, out of several other venders on offer, to support our Operator's PC Consoles install. That was probably one of the best decisions we could have made. They sent a very knowledgeable rep. out, Mr. Laws, to assist with the install and to provide training on the new PC Consoles. He was very professional and organized. We could not have gotten a better person for the job. I can honestly say from experience that, T-Metrics is a company that believes in customer service and staying in touch with the customer long after the sale. Our PC Consoles were installed flawlessly back in 2006 and I have been impressed with the quality of not only the equipment, but the technical support staff as well. This T-Metrics team is awesome and second to none.

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Calvin J. Turner, RAF Menwith Hill, Inside Plant Manager

Just wanted to say I received unprovoked feedback from a University ACD customer. She said your service is great and that you are always helpful and responsive. She said she wished every other vendor worked with the same standards as your group does. It would make her job so much easier. I know I have only been working with you for a short period of time but I totally agree. Your team is great.

Grant Weed, Princeton University, OIT- Manager, Telephone Services

You guys at T-metrics are the best!! Next to us (ITS Help Center) of course :) But really, your support staff provides excellent support to us in the office and at home. We really do appreciate it.

Renee Croxen, Boston College Support Team

Having attended a number of Telecom training courses in my career, the T-Metrics (VAR) training without a doubt surpassed any of these, including BICSI classes that are considered some of the best in the world.

Bruce Nicely, Wyle Information Systems

I spoke with Andy Wilson this morning and he is a very knowledgeable and helpful person. I explained my issue to him and he immediately worked to resolve my issue. Customer Service is very important in our field and Andy delivered exceptional, timely service today. You have a valuable employee who is a great asset to your organization.

Michelle D. Anderson, Patient Relations, UNC Health Care