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T-Metrics understands the specialized call routing and call handling needs of the hospitality industry.  Whether you are looking for a product for a hotel or a resort, T-Metrics can help find a solution that can work for you.

Contact Center IP Platform

The T-Metrics Contact Center IP Platform is an innovative single platform system that enhances the capabilities of the telephone switch to offer unlimited flexibility and customization to healthcare needs. Examples of the type of functions available through the Contact Center IP Platform and optional modules are:

• ACD for Call Centers

• Auto Attendant

• Real-Time Supervisory Data

• Reports

• Automatic Agent Greetings*

• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)*

• Agent CTI Screen Pops*

• Call Recording and Monitoring*

PhoneGroups™ PC Consoles

T-Metrics PhoneGroups™ PC Consoles provide the tools necessary for hospitality Attendants. T-Metrics integrates custom databases with PhoneGroups™ PC Consoles to enhance the call processing speed and accuracy of hospitality attendants. Examples of the type of functions available through T-Metrics PC Consoles and optional modules are:

• Call Recording

• Automatic Attendant Greetings

• Historical Reports

• Phonetic Database Searching

• Real-Time Supervisory Data*

• Call Monitoring*

• Busy Lamp Field Server*