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APLITS Update (Nov 20, 2017):

Our TM-2000 Multi-Purpose Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Platform v6.0 passed all Interoperability and Information Assurance testing at the JITC lab in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The Field Security Officer is satisfied with our testing and our product was approved by DoD UC APL on October 3, 2012. The newest TM-2000 Multi-Purpose ACD Platform version v6.0 is now listed on the UC APL; here is the link: The TM-2000 Multi-Purpose ACD Platform v6.0 is currently being shipped and our new UC APL expiration date is listed as October 3, 2015. A copy of the DIACAP score card can be obtained from the JITC lab for all our products, which supports multiple Digital Switching System platforms. Only someone within the MILDEPs can request a DIACAP scorecard from JITC; T-Metrics cannot do this for our customers. T-Metrics is listed on the Approved Products List Integrated Tracking System (APLITS) for JITC certification of a SIP connection to the Cisco Call Manager and Avaya switches. With this certificate we are now allowed connection to be SIP based and be used as the incoming call lines on the ACD platform. With our recent DTR-1 approval by DOD UC APL on September 10, 2013, legacy switches (TDM) are now approved. Our TM-2000 Consolidated Answering System Platform v6.0 TN 1134201 passed all Interoperability and Information Assurance testing at the JITC lab in Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The Field Security Officer is satisfied with our testing and our product was approved by DoD UC APL on September 6, 2012.

Department of Defense History

T-Metrics began offering Nortel MBS test equipment back in 1989. In 1994 we developed and marketed a Meridian Services Attendant Console (MSAC) to the college and university markets. In 1999 we installed our first MSAC off a DMS-100 commercially and soon thereafter entered the military market with MSL-100 installations and today we have MSAC console interfaces installed at over 90 bases worldwide.

It was in 2003, during our successful military MSAC deployments, we developed our Contact Center Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) contact center. With our Contact Center ACD, we worked directly with the US Air Force Surgeon General's Telephone Modernization (TELMOD) project and installed our equipment in the majority of Air Force hospitals around the world. Our ACD had to appear on the Joint Interoperability Test Command's (JITC) Approved Products Listing (APL), as well as passing the Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process, known as DITSCAP.

With our sizeable "footprint" within the Air Force and the importance of reducing costs in the military, we installed our first "Consolidated Operator Answering System" (COAS) at Kelly, USA in San Antonio, Texas. This project consolidated 12 bases within the Air Education Training Command (AETC) into one contact center. During the COAS installation we leveraged the MSAC installations at the local sites to provide a "Contingency of Operation Plan" (COOP) at each outlaying AETC base. Since then T-Metrics has installed our COAS at the Air Force's Air Military Command (AMC) and we're now in deployment stages with the Air Combat Command (ACC).

Today, we are heavily involved with Unified Communications, Work Force Management, Enhanced Reporting, Multimedia Contact Centers, Virtual Consolidation and PCI DSS.

T-Metrics has experience in over 20 countries worldwide with many different kinds of organizations such as state and local governments, hospitals, universities and colleges, banks, small and large corporations and of course the Department of Defense. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Contact Center IP Platform

The T-Metrics Contact Center IP Platform is an innovative single platform system that enhances the capabilities of the telephone switch to offer unlimited flexibility and customization to education needs. Examples of the type of functions available through the Contact Center IP Platform and optional modules are:

• ACD for Call Centers

• Auto Attendant

• Real-Time Supervisory Data

• Reports

• Automatic Agent Greetings*

• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)*

• Agent CTI Screen Pops*

• Call Recording and Monitoring*

PhoneGroups™ PC Consoles

T-Metrics PhoneGroups PC Consoles provide the tools necessary for Attendants in every field. T-Metrics can integrate custom databases with PhoneGroups PC Consoles to enhance the attendant call processing speed and accuracy. Examples of the type of functions available through T-Metrics PC Consoles and optional modules are:

• Call Recording

• Automatic Attendant Greetings

• Historical Reports

• Phonetic Database Searching

• Real-Time Supervisory Data*

• Call Monitoring*

• Busy Lamp Field Server*